Episode 14 Notes

This month we present our Winter Special.  Here is the complete credit listing:

The Case of the Dawn Awakening by David Kern
written by Joseph Butler (except where listed below)
copyright © 2014

Featuring the segments:

The Mahogany-Tree
written by William Makepeace Thackeray
read by John McKenzie
published in 1907

Keeping Christmas” (Excerpt)
written by Henry Van Dyke
read by John Quinn
published in 1905

2014 Randy and Rufus Christmas Show  (Excerpt)
written by Michael D. Hall
performed by Randy Reindeer and Rufus Dundar
copyright © 2014 Michael D. Hall

Also featuring the song:

“Snow Covers the Ground
written and performed by David B. Holley
copyright © 2014 David B. Holley

Episode produced by Joseph Butler and Michael Masar

read by JT, John Quinn, Mathias Jones
Cat Butler, Randy & Rufus and John McKenzie

Special Thanks to:
Daniel Acierto
Michael D. Hall
and to all of our listeners

Happy Holidays!