Season 2

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Ep 11 – Sep 2014
The story of a train conductor who was the very best… and the very worst.
From the Ground Up”  (15:21)
Adapted from the short story by H. Thompson Rich
as published in Argosy magazine, 11 Nov 1922


Ep 12 – Oct 2014
A chilling tale of a baron’s effort to woo the woman he desires…
Tartas the Terrible”  (17:57)
Adapted from the short story by H. Hesketh Pritchard
as published in Top Notch magazine, 1 May 1915


Ep 13 – Nov 2014
A young woman seeks the advice of a clever philosopher…
The Philosopher in the Apple Orchard”  (14:09)
Adapted from the short story by Anthony Hope
as published in the anthology Comedies of Courtship (1896)


Ep 14 – Dec 2014
Once upon a rainy winter night…
The Case of the Dawn Awakening by David Kern”  (7:45)
An Auditory Chronicles original tale
written by Joseph Butler (except where noted below)
copyright © 2014

Episode produced by Joseph Butler and Michael Masar

read by JT, John Quinn, Mathias Jones
Cat Butler, Randy & Rufus and John McKenzie

The Mahogany-Tree
written by William Makepeace Thackeray
read by John McKenzie
published in 1907

Keeping Christmas” (Excerpt)
written by Henry Van Dyke
read by John Quinn
published in 1905

Snow Covers the Ground
written and performed by David B. Holley
copyright © 2014 David B. Holley

2014 Randy and Rufus Christmas Show (Excerpt)
written by Michael D. Hall
performed by Randy Reindeer and Rufus Dundar
copyright © 2014 Michael D. Hall


Ep 15 – Jan 2015
A man in a sailing competition has everything going for him – almost…
On the Starboard Tack”  (11:22)
Adapted from the short story by F. Walworth Brown
as published in Top Notch magazine, 1 May 1915
Read by John McKenzie


Ep 16 – Feb 2015
A businessman on the brink of financial ruin receives
an unexpected visitor…
Mr. Lismore and The Widow”  (16:55)
Adapted from the short story by Wilkie Collins
originally published as “She Loves and Lies”
in Spirit of the Times, 22 Dec 1883


Ep 17 – Mar 2015
A cold case heats up for an interplanetary private investigator…
Garden of Evil”   (17:15)
Adapted from the short story by Henry Slesar
originally published in
Amazing Science Fiction Stories magazine, August 1958


Ep 18 – Apr 2015
A jeweler encounters a man wishing to buy
a wedding present for his daughter…
Why, Of Course”   (11:02)
Adapted from the short story by James Edmond Casey
originally published in Top Notch magazine, 1 Feb 1912
Read by John McKenzie


Ep 19 – May 2015
The story of an encounter with a strange woman
who is attempting to resurrect her dead Beloved…
A Modern Witch”   (17:34)
Adapted from a short story published anonymously
in The Argosy magazine, Jan 1891
Read by John Quinn

Featuring the music track
Souffle5” by Adragante
(Creative Commons License CC-BY)

Ep 20 – Jun 2015
An Auditory Chronicles Fable…
The Sparrow and The Sparrow”  (2:59)
written by Joseph Butler
hosted and read by JT
copyright © 2015


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